We, as a team, are very proud that we have managed to continue printing the Wotton Times through these difficult times. It certainly hasn’t been easy. Lockdown meant that content was thin on the ground and advertising revenue dropped overnight. Many of our distributors were closed which made it more difficult for readers to get their copy of the latest issues. 

We, therefore, had to make some tough decisions. The first was that reluctantly we knew we had to increase the price. Even before Covid, the £1 that it had been for three years was no longer viable. Price increases mean our costs have increased and we could not continue to subsidise it any longer. 
Secondly, we are a very small team and throughout the pandemic it has been increasingly difficult to continue as a local newspaper. Being a monthly publication, by the time we went to print some of the news was old news. We were not, unfortunately, always the first choice for a story lead and all things considered we decided the time had come to move away from being a newspaper and to go down the route of producing a more upmarket, beautifully glossy magazine with more detailed articles, but still keep everything very local and Wotton-based. 
We are currently working on our fourth edition in the magazine format and feedback so far has been that people love it. We also appreciate that some people don’t like change. With this in mind, we would like to ask you to tell us what you would like to see in future editions of the Wotton Times. What do you like about the publication and even what are you not so keen on? This is and always has been your local publication and we want to get it right. 
We are passionate about our product and believe it is a valuable asset to the community, local businesses and local charities. £1.95 a copy is never going to make the team rich, but it will ensure we can keep printing. 
To everyone who buys a copy once a month, places an advert, has taken out a subscription for themselves or a gift for someone they know, and Liked and Shared our social media posts, we thank you. We look forward to hearing your constructive criticism! 
The Wotton Times Team. 
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