With the June issue on sale this afternoon, the timing was sadly too tight for the story of indiepop sensation Lostboy's new track Self(ish), which was filmed in familiar Wotton locations that include The Star Inn, St Mary's Church, KLB School and Parklands. 

It's a poignant song that reflects a mission close to the hearts of the band. "We’ve teamed up with CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably and all proceeds from our new track Self(ish) will be sent to that charity," says frontman Max Clutterbuck. 
"Self(ish) was born of a conversation had between my best mate and bass player a couple of years back. He’d been really struggling with his mental health, his mindset and general outlook on life and actually ended up leaving university over how he was feeling. When he did finally open up about what had been going on, he said how difficult it had been – how he felt he couldn’t share the burden." 
With 175 people a day taking their own life in the UK, 75% of these are men of all demographic groups. "It’s clear that for some reason, we don’t open up like we should," says Max. 
"Hopefully our track can be a conversation starter." 
READ the full story of Lostboy's collaboration with CALM in our July issue - and, for now, enjoy the track. 
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